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Veterinary Pharmacy

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Veterinary Pharmacy Resources


Animal Drugs@ FDA


This United States Food and Drug Administration-sponsored website provides access to New Animal Drug Applications (NADA) submitted to the FDA. Search or browse by NADA number, sponsor, ingredients, generic or brand name, dosage form, species, route, or indication. This page also provides access to the Green Book, a free online publication providing patent information on veterinary drugs.




This website of information contained in package inserts for U.S. FDA-approved drugs has an option for “animal drugs” which may be useful for pharmacists unfamiliar with veterinary medications.  It provides links for how to report medication adverse effects and how to view FDA safety recalls for veterinary prescriptions.


Drugs.com | Prescription Drugs - Information, Interactions & Side Effects


This commercial site provides professional-level and consumer-level information on prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. Search or browse by drug name, drug class name, or conditions. Includes pill identifier, interactions checker, personal medication records and information in Spanish. Sources of information include American Hospital Formulary Service Drug Information (AHFS DI), United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Micromedex, and MedFacts.


Food Animal Drug Residue Avoidance & Depletion (FARAD)


FARAD is a USDA-funded university-based consortium that is overseen and operated by faculty and staff at four colleges or schools of veterinary medicine. FARAD was designed to provide livestock producers, Extension specialists, and veterinarians with practical information on how to avoid drug, pesticide, and environmental contaminant residue problems. Search VetGRAM by product name/active ingredient, species, route of administration, drug type, or (A)NADA. There is a mobile-friendly version of VetGRAM and a FARAD mobile app. Search the Withdrawal Date Calculator to determine the FDA-mandated waiting period following administration of a drug product at the approved label dose. Publications include FARAD Digests and FARAD Compounding Guide. FARAD also gathers and provides a list of useful links related to food animal safety.


Liver Tox


While not specifically for veterinary patients, Liver Tox provides background information on hepatotoxicity and mechanism of injury information which can be relevant to veterinary cases. It also discusses handling of hepatotoxic insults.


Merck Veterinary Manual


This Manual provides comprehensive and reliable reference information on animal healthcare and is available freely online. Click "browse by section" in the left side to view all topics. The Pharmacology topic area provides brief overviews of pharmacokinetics, drug action and pharmacodynamics, and dosage forms and delivery systems. Sections within this topic area focus on specific classes of drugs most frequently used in veterinary practice. Additionally, the "tables" section provides tables of frequently-needed reference information, such as poisonous houseplants, reference ranges for animal heart rates, temperatures, and hematological measurements, and overviews of body systems and processes in animals.


Pet Pharmacy at VeterinaryPartner.com


The Veterinary Partner website aims to provide educational veterinary information to the public to help them care for their pets. The Pet Pharmacy page includes entries for over 100 drugs frequently used to treat medical conditions of dogs and cats. Each entry provides both brand and generic names, background information, indications, interactions, and potential side effects or cautions for use. Entries are reviewed and updated by veterinary professionals.



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